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Our Services


We use the latest applications to provide a more transparent  service and security within  the job description Area is a mobile first workforce management platform that makes it simple to locate, interact with, and optimize workers and assets at facilities

Every staff member will scan the location QR code , which provides a full list of duties for the designated area and real time monitoring. Each task is completed in real-time so you only pay for what we do

All clients can obtain a weekly report of tasks , and time in motion


A wide variety of cleaning services from windows to carpets and much, much more


Tailored cleaning services, so you pay for exactly what you need for your office or building and no more.

Cleaning for all types of offices and work environments with day or after-hours cleaning services depending on your requirements


We use non-toxic, natural eco- friendly cleaning products

Security checks on every team member as a standard procedure, so you know you can trust our cleaners.

We have say goodbye to old method equipment and techniques so we use new microfiber cleaning tools which doesn't damage your surfaces

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