• The Chefs


Being a youthful and rapidly growing cateringand food development consultingbusiness, we wanted to take an innovative approach to staff to uniforms.

We carried out online research and asked people starting out, thinking of moving jobs in the hospitality sector, as well as our own staff. What do you have the most about staff uniforms? The opened the flood gates, but we did the same themes over and over again and we focused on the top 5

· They don’t showcase the company’s brand, especially chef & kitchen or back of house (59%)

· Badly designed, dull, unmemorable (63% never wear it to work, i don’t want people to know i work there)

· Nothing to connect to the guest everyone looks the same (71%)

· All the same job titles, staff, manager, head of this or that (57%)

· Impersonal and the people who designed never had to wear them (68%)

We believe as do workplace psychologist that your clothing really does affect how you act and feel. Dressing for success is all about psychology, when you feel good and confident in the clothes, you’re wearing then you will exude confidence in your personality and mannerisms both in yourself and customers.

Team members who feel stylish and appropriately dressed for the situation that they’re in will help to promote confidence. But in hospitality everything is the same and our research told the same this. So how we change it.

We wanted to

· Make everyone to feel comfortable and proud of wear it, and it’s the reason that many of the biggest sports teams in the world have an iconic team uniform which is mainly down to branding,

· To create unity and promote equality as all be will be dressed the same house style

· To show off the fun side of our brand but, but our teams’ personalities

· A uniform that they are proud of and wouldn’t be ashamed to hide

So got a load of them in a room and after 20mins we had a big idea, let them design and personalise them, but within the house guidelines. So we tasked our service designer to come u