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Get snacking with pre-dinner nibble guide

Using well-known snacks, the expert taste teams at Gordon’s have built a list pairing classic gin drink perfectly with crisp flavours, commonly found in kitchen cupboards. Food and drink pairing needn’t be so serious - it’s about time we had a difference!

Follow the guide to these five taste sensations, to uncover the simple yet tasty pre-dinner combos that are perfect for sharing with friends.

Gin & Tonic X Sea Salt & Peppercorn Crisps

The fresh lime zest and juicy citrus of notes of a classic gin pairs perfectly with black peppercorn which enhances the gin’s signature juniper notes, while the sharp taste of tonic charmingly battles the tang of sea salt. It’s the perfect after work snack and cocktail combo for when friends turn up for dinner unplanned.

Dry martini cocktail X Lime & Coriander Poppadoms

What better way to soften a dry martini cocktail than with light lime and coriander poppadoms? The hint of zesty lemon rind in the martini cocktail pairs perfectly with the twist of citrus in the snack, while the hint of cumin in the snack matches well with the flavour profile of the martini cocktail. The ultimate in snack sophistication for these more fancy dinner plans.

Bramble X Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps

Sloe Gin partners with London Dry Gin to create the Bramble - a fruity and aromatic cocktail that your sweet tooth will love. The red berry flavours mingle brilliantly with the aromatic Thai herbs, while the heat of the chilli cuts through the sweetness of the cocktail. A match made in heaven for adventurous dinner guests.

Pink Spritz X Salted Olive Crisps

Live ‘la vie en rose’ with Gordon’s Premium Pink Spritz and bitter olive crisps. The rich savoury tang of salt cuts through the berry sweetness of the pink gin perfectly - cheers to that perfect pre-BBQ combo!

Elderflower Cooler X Vegetable crisps

Let yourself be carried to sunny afternoons in the garden with a gin-based Elderflower Cooler in one hand and veggie crisps in the other. The lightly salted baked vegetables harmoniously complements the fresh flavours of The Cooler - the ultimate summer cocktail where the gin’s botanicals weave together with mint, cucumber and elderflower - reminding us that Summer is around the corner.


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