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Is a truly unique, tailor-made service. Driven by customer and consumer insights, they create a unique set of challenges and you get to work with your customers to solve them.


You hear firsthand from customers and gain valuable insight. Before you know it, you have rapidly created, iterated tested and refined customer first food ideas they will love…that Agile!


It has always seemed to us that the most useful research informs, rather than tests, strategic and creative direction - helping to get it right from the outset. Consumer testing panels (students, mums, dads, kids, youth, conflict and many more).


Industry testing panels and trend forecasting around the world.

International focus groups to test concepts and gather consumer insights. Product insight panels, to understand usage occasions


During the innovation journey, suppliers are usually called in only at the executional stage .We believe there is an opportunity to involve suppliers much earlier in the process.


Our Supplier Ideation offering enables you to gain substantial incremental benefits from the relationships you already have in place with exciting suppliers


Brings together is a collection Foodies or Drinks experts target Customers, Clients and the creativity of our Chef or Drinks Inventors, Service Designers and Specialists though structured design day to develop new concepts.


 From boutique hotels, cafés, bars, restaurants, retail food, roof top venues to pop-ups and fresh food concepts. 


Everyone wants new ideas but how do you generate them? Often, brainstorms produce yet another dissection of the problem rather than a cornucopia of fresh ideas.


We bring together clients, chefs or our mixologists consumers, R&D specialists and creative teams for carefully planned sessions, held offsite in a stimulating environment. Sometimes graphic artists are used to translate words into visual concepts.


Not for the faint hearted and sometimes used to put together high-performance teams. We help you innovate faster and more effectively through quality idea generation, evaluation and concept development, research and insights and prototyping – all delivered in 6 weeks.


This process needs board approval as its incubated so only approver from the business needed. We go from ideation to last week when the team pitches their business case to management


We create a hack experience second to none, creating solutions to real food industry problems focused on food and hospitality technology. 


It can be industry driven with other or just your business and top tech talent and foodies  who address challenges of nutrition, traceability and provenance, food safety, sustainability-driven products and processes and convenience

Will you be the first in Australia  host one? 


Some of the ways our Chef Inventors can help your sales team to grow your business: Portion control and other ways of managing raw material costs

Ensuring product 'fitness for purpose' across a wide range of uses

Fresh ideas for in-store food service concepts

Tailoring products and recipes to reflect regional and cultural preferences Creation of exclusive recipes/formulations for key accounts

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